How Does Lipiflow Dry Eye Treatment Work?

The duties and functions of Optometrists and Opthalmologists

Eye specialists are on demand due to the increasing number of eyesight problems or illnesses. The increasing number of cases, may be best reduced by the help of eye specialists. In diagnosing the symptoms and conditions of the patient or client, the optometrist and opthalmologists employ some functions and duties as follows:

  1. Perform dilation to have a comprehensive and full view of optic nerve, retina, and other eye parts
  2. Diagnose if there is increase or decrease or modifications in eye sight or vision
  3. Check level of sensitivity in dark areas and glaring portions
  4. Have a comprehensive measures in looking into distorted figures and damages as transmitted by the retina of your eye to your brain
  5. Inquire and determine if there are inconvenience, pain or discomfort in the eye
  6. Have a background check in medical history
  7. Provide an appropriate prescription, in terms of medicines or innovative devices

Learning About Dry Eye Disease

Having a dry eye is not satisfying. If you are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), you may feel a little bit stressed. Dry Eye Disease or Dry Eye Syndrome is characterized mainly by the decrease in a person’s natural tear production. With this, the oil that is produced in your eye is also lacking. Because the oils keep the natural eyes from evaporating, the lack of it could immediately result to Dry Eye Disease. The level of eye discomfort can also manifest and permanent damage to the eye is an event or consequence of the same.

Remedy to Dry Eyes is Lipiflow Dry Treatment

These dry eyes do usually came from the long exposure to radiation such as computers, laptop, television and cellphones. The remedy is lipiflow dry eye treatment and not medicines. With this, the Lipiflow uses sterile activators that are safely put below a person’s eyelids. It unclogs bad glands and restore good eye tissues.