Is Scalp Micropigmentation Really Just A Head Tattoo?

You may have heard about that hair treatment process where you will be able to get the fullness of your hair or scalp back to how it used to be. But instead of any surgical procedures, it only involves applying ink or pigment into your scalp. This is called scalp micropigmentation. But is this just another type of tattooing, or is it something else?

Not Just A Tattoo

Sure, the treatment known as scalp micropigmentation is also referred to as “scalp tattoo”. But despite the name, this is actually quite different from the traditional tattoo in terms of the needles used, the ink that is applied, the depth of application in the skin, the technique of the said application, and the training and certification that the practitioner is required to have.

Scalp tattoos are applied using needles that are much smaller than traditional tattoo needles, which use ink that is also used in permanent makeup. The scalp tattoo is applied in only two skin layers, which makes it stay in place. Lastly, scalp micropigmentation is done by medical practitioners who have undergone a certain training specialized in the said hair treatment.

Can You Get This Treatment, Too?

Yes, any person can get this kind of hair treatment, as long as you are having any kind of condition that negatively affects the look and health of your hair and overall appearance. If you have been experiencing hair fall or hair thinning, then you better get this treatment.

Also, if you are suffering from baldness, receding hairline, conditions like alopecia, or just had a scar from a hair transplant surgery, then you can also get this treatment to get your good looks back. Just remember that you seek the best and most licensed practitioner who has credible experience in performing this treatment process.

Is Lice Treatment Painful?

Consultation with Lice Doctor for a Lice Advice

Doctors have now their own kind of specialization when it comes to their medical practice. Doctors may then choose from ranges of specialization. There are doctors which focuses on ear, nose and throat problems. There are also some doctors which focuses on head, scalp or hair care. In the case of lice treatment or removal, you have to first identify the issues surrounding your hair or head scalp. Proper consultation with a lice doctor will somehow reduce your worries and stresses. You just have to put your trust and confidence with the lice doctor if you really wanted to obtain good results and changes in your hair and scalp. You should not be wary of how the doctor handles their job. They have already know what to do with your lice problem. Preparations in the tools and materials, especially with the availability of the treatment shall be secured.

Procedure of Lice Removal/ Treatment: Whether it is painful or not

The lice removal or treatment can be the answer to your problem. The procedures of lice removal or treatment have been the most common way to reduce chances of having a worsened lice situation. The services rendered by lice doctor for lice treatment in Houston are invested with so much public interest that all of the undertakings made by the doctor are free from any vices or irregularities.

The Ethics of a Lice Doctor in Lice Removal

The lice doctors always make sure that when they do the operations for lice removal, the patients are comfortable, in convenience, and are the highest priority before anything else. In conclusion, it can be gainsaid that the procedure for lice removal is, as far as practicable, be free from pain. Patient-care is indeed the utmost importance. The patient is then ask for evaluation after the lice treatment so they can provide their honest feedbacks for the better improvement of the lice doctor’s clinic.